Music Co-Creation

With the MashUp Co-Creation Music App you record your idea when and wherever you want - let others play on top of it.

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Soon available on iOS and Android

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What people say

We figured its best if we let them speak for themselves

How it works

Dead simple: Record your idea and let others play on top of it.


Record your 
song Idea

When and wherever. No rocket science needed. Choose your idea to be private or public.

Add a second
track on top

Piano? Drums? Singing in Duet? You Decide. Oh, and you can add as many tracks as you want.


So far so good

Now this is where the
real magic happens


Invite friends to add their track

Time to mash it up! Share your project and let your friends play on it. All it takes is one tap.

Discover other

Make your project public and be surprised who’ll join. Or maybe you like to mash up other’s songs?


What people say

We figured its best if we let them speak for themselves

At a glance

How can Mashup support your daily life?


Get your dusty song ideas out of the phone and get creative on them together.


When and whereever

Record your ideas super easy and quick, no matter when and where.


Share your song ideas with other Mashuppers all over the world with one click.

Private or Public

You decide with whom you want to share your project.


Keep up to date

Mashup is constantly evolving and you can become a part of it

Who we are

Our vision: musicians can share their ideas and co-create worldwide

Project Manager / Designer

Matthias Mildt

„Speak with the user as early as
possible and evaluate the feedback
with a relaxed and motivated team.“

UX/UI Designer

Annika Schiefer

„We need to build bridges between
people before we build them between
humans and machines.“

UX/UI Designer

Hannes Maurer

„Nothing is better than a team united
by a strong vision thats valuing the
contribution of each member“

Android Developer

Pascal Faude

„It’s important to have a
solid foundation to build on.“

iOS Developer / Motion Designer

Thorge Dammann

„Evolve mastery through swift Iteration.“

Event, Social Media, Finance

Valérie Engelberger

„Coming together is a beginning, keeping together
is a progress, working together is success”

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We develop MashUp
together with our users.
Feel free to get involved.

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